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Show the world that you're a visionary

Collect & trade limited-edition fantasy equity of the startups you believe in, compete in tournaments and show the world what you believe the future will look like.

Build a fantasy portfolio of early stage start-ups

Back the companies that will become the category leaders of tomorrow. Invest in the areas, geographies and stages you are passionate about.

Join the adventure of your favourite start-ups

Become part of the community of backers of a company and help build their success story. With aligned incentives you can help get the word out.

Trade with other investment managers

Enter and exit the cap tables of companies by getting VisionShares of startups you believe in or selling when you believe your credits would be better invested elsewhere.

Win rewards for the best portfolio

Win Ether, VisionShares and XP, if you win specific leagues. The best performing investment managers end on top of the Midas List.

How it works

Invest in VisionShares to build an outlier portfolio

Get a virtual stake in the companies you believe in by using credits to buy VisionShares - virtual equity. Get in early to make the best deals.

Enter & exit cap tables by trading VisionShares

Trade with other investment managers to exit the startups that have done well and enter the virtual cap table of rising stars.

Compete in tournaments to show your foresight

Compete in specific tournaments by building the best portfolio in an industry, geography or stage. Winners earn credits and VisionShares.

Invest alongside giants

Powered by blockchain technology

VisionShares are Non-Fungible Tokens that represent limited edition fantasy equity. They prove your ownership and live on the Ethereum blockchain. They are scarce, tradable, transparent and interoperable by design.

Frequently asked questions

You might have questions as to how Visionrare exactly works. You can find our more questions and answers by clicking the button below.

What are VisionShares?

VisionShares represent virtual equity in a startup. Every time a listed startup announces a funding round in the real world, 100 VisionShares are emitted on Visionrare. A VisionShare represents virtual equity, which does not give you real ownership in the company. 

Which companies are listed on Visionrare?

We created a universe of the most exciting early stage companies across different sectors, geographies and stages. Only promising companies are listed and they need to have raised and announced at least a first funding round.
However, if you have a company that you believe should be listed, you can scout it on the platform. If you are among the first to do so, you'll get a free share should the company get listed.

How does the game work and what can you win?

Firstly, you can play your VisionShares in certain topic-, stage- or location based leagues where if you selected to strongest set of break-out companies, you win credits.
Secondly, exit events are where the real money is made for early stage startup investors, so we keep track of the overall universe and reward the best performing investors, who sit on top of the Midas List, with celebratory credits.
Lastly, if you own at least one of the limited edition VisionShares of a startup, you'll be able to get your hands on a VisionShare of the next round at a discounted price. 

How do you measure success?

We're building tools to measure success in the real world which we link to success in our meta-verse. However, our listed companies are private and don't need to disclose information to Visionrare, which is why we rely on a set of measurable signals. For this we are partnering with some of the most trusted companies in the industry.

Why are VisionShares crypto tokens?

All the VisionShares are in fact tokens that live on the blockchain, which means that transparency and ownership can be guaranteed at all time.

What is in it for startups?

They gain a loyal band of backers with aligned incentives - helping the company grow.
On top of that, verified startups can claim 20% of the available VisionShares, which they can offer as a gift to their most helpful customers and fans.

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